The Mission

Completely New RPG System

Dark V01D utilizes a completely unique system, which takes the best aspects of modern RPG's, such as "Grim Dawn", "Divinity: Original Sin" and "Diablo", and merges them with the best aspects of tabletop gaming.

Countless Possibilities

Dark V01D offers 9 skills trees 2 of which are chosen in the character creation. This makes for a total of 36 different classes. Since there are nearly 60 unique abilities and 3 specializations per skill tree, the possibilities are endless.

Easy To Learn - Hard To Master

All features of Dark V01D, especially the tools (like the character sheet) are developed to relieve Players and Dungeonmasters from as much hassle as possible. The focus of this tabletop rpg is roleplay, not looking at tables and figuring out what value goes where.

Groundbreaking Feature

Never before was it possible to provide players and even existing characters with balancing updates and content updates that require near to no adjustment on the player side. No more waiting for new rulebooks to get a balancing update for a class, instead there will be a free monthly balancing and/or content update for all players.

Science Fantasy With A Cyberpunk Aesthetic

The story of Dark V01D is one of epic proportions. It is inspired by science fiction and/or horror universes such as "Warhammer 40k", "Lovecraft" and "Star Wars" while conjuring the aesthetics of 80s science fiction and cyberpunk media. There are a total of 18 playable races, all of which have a deep, interconnected history and claim for supremacy in the universe.

Embrace The Power Fantasy

As a player of Dark V01D you will get to experience an immense power fantasy, as you are a blessed warrior, a god among mortals, an "Inquisitates". You harness the powers of the Dark Void, a mysterious place somewhere in vast emptiness of space. But be aware, for this place can very well become the graveyard of your sanity.

What's Included?

Dark V01D comes in form of a Gamebook with about 300 colored pages, 50 of which are dedicated to the rules and the other 250 are dedicated to the lore. Additionally, it includes a fully automated digital character sheet (print version available as well), a weapons and item generator and an enemy stats generator.

Community Based Lore

The universe of Dark V01D is a place where nearly everything is possible, which is why I want you to share your stories with me and the community. Once the game is released there will come a time where we can share our adventures. Together we'll vote for the stories that fit the universe, which will be considered part of the official "Canon" henceforth.

Want to know more?

If this caught your interest you may want to know more about the system or world. Below you’ll find two buttons which let you download a short story from the universe and/or a preview kit of the system. 

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